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A Pioneer in Information Assurance

In a world where information needs to be accessible from anywhere and at any time, digital data carriers are of growing importance. The density of data stored on endpoint devices such as Hard Disk Drives, USB-Sticks, SD-Cards, DVD or Blu-Ray has grown exponentially over the past decade.

In the field of endpoint data deletion, users of intimus products benefit from an extensive pool of experience. Starting with data shredders over 50 years ago, the intimus brand has grown to a complete range of information assurance equipment. intimus – the Latin name for a trustworthy confidant – says it all. Our longstanding relationships with governments and global corporations enable our research and development to stay one step ahead of legal requirements and technical changes.

Around the world we help companies to improve their data security. This does not only reduce the risk of data loss and theft, but also helps them to maintain the trust of their customers, adhere to compliance with laws and maintain brand equity in the marketplace.


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